There is limited data on the number of pedestrians and bicyclists using our region’s active transportation infrastructure.

To help decision-makers better understand how pedestrian and bicycle facilities are being used, H-GAC installed four long term pedestrian/bicyclist counters along several popular corridors in the City of Houston and also loans short-term pedestrian/bicyclist counters to local governments & non-profits.

Long-Term Counter Report

Complete this form to see bicyclist and pedestrian traffic counts from one of our four long-term counters in Houston.

You’ll be presented with a web version of your custom report, which can be shared with others. You’ll also be able to download a PDF copy of your custom report and download the raw count data in an Excel workbook.

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Mobile Counters

H-GAC has mobile counters that use infrared technology to count the number of people using off-street pedestrian and bicycle facilities (shared-use paths, sidewalks, etc.). Unlike the long-term counters these devices do not have the ability to divide traffic into pedestrians & bicyclists. Since 2012, these counters have been deployed at more than 250 locations throughout the region.

Harris County (32)

Use Our Mobile Counters

Our counters can be requested and borrowed by local governments and transportation agencies.

PedBike Counting Workshop

In 2013, H-GAC held a workshop providing more information on how our region’s communities can conduct their own pedestrian and bicycle counts.