About the 2045 Active Transportation Plan

The 2045 Active Transportation Plan is a long-range planning document that describes our region’s vision for enhancing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure within the eight-county region.

The plan was developed with guidance from the Pedestrian-Bicyclist Subcommittee and was passed by the Transportation Policy Council in May 2019. It supports the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), a long-range, multi-modal transportation plan that guides investment in all types of transportation infrastructure throughout the Houston-Galveston area.

In addition to a vision document, the plan also serves as a toolbox for H-GAC and the Pedestrian-Bicyclist Subcommittee to prioritize and implement the recommendations outlined in the plan.

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Why do we need an Active Transportation Plan?

Everyone uses active transportation, whether they are walking to school, using a wheelchair to get to a transit stop, biking to work, or pushing a stroller to the grocery store.

As the region adds more than 4 million new residents over the next 30 years, well-planned walkways and bikeways will keep all road users safe and will act as relief valves for our congested roadway network.