Solid Waste Management Education Tools

The Houston-Galveston Area Council Solid Waste Program provides resources and tools local governments and organizations can use to help educate residents.

Additional Resources

H-GAC's videos highlight the proper way residents should handle debris after a disaster. These short videos are available for local governments and organizations to use to help educate residents. Local governments can link to the videos on YouTube or can add their own logos and branding (including screen shots, phone numbers, recorded intros, etc.) and use the videos on their websites, municipal channels, presentations, or other mediums. Companion flyers in English and Spanish are also available and can be modified with a local governments' phone number, logo, etc.

Social Media Resources

There are several social media platforms available. One of the main challenges is finding the correct platform for your message and audience. The Recycling Partnership provides a toolkit for choosing the right social media platform for different recycling programs.

To help you get started or to supplement your social media activities, H-GAC provides the following content for use on local governments’ and organizations’ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Just download any of the images and captions and post on your own social media. Or, visit the H-GAC Recycling Facebook page and re-post any content you'd like. You can also find more social media messaging on the State of Texas Alliance for Recycling Texas Recycles Day webpage.