Regional Planning Publications

Regional Planning focuses on plans and reports addressing regionwide issues, including community and environmental planning projects.

Publications include forward-looking plans with aims to make the Houston-Galveston region an even greater place to live, work, and succeed; a report gauging potential changes in the region's climate and associated environmental effects; a tool for considering the environment during transportation planning projects; and tips for keeping trees healthy and galleries of the importance of urban forestry in the region.

Community Planning

Long-range plans create a consensus of what the future should look like, allowing communities to develop a "roadmap" for the of actions to share growth and investment.

Our Great Region 2040 is a high-level plan with an aim to make the Houston-Galveston Region on for the world's greatest places to live, work and succeed by the year 2040. The overall plan includes a number of reports and guides, including the plan overview, a complete strategy playbook, an assessment of fair housing, and a report on the region's conditions at the inception of the plan.

Our Great Region 2040 and the publications associated with this plan will open in a new website.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship projects look at ways local governments can adapt to a changing environment and consider possible environmental impacts of future planning efforts.

The regional urban forestry program strives to improve the health and diversity of the region's urban forests and increase public awareness about the environmental benefits of trees in the urban setting.