Our region is susceptible to a range of disasters, floods, hurricanes, chemical accidents or acts of terrorism. The need for adequate preparation is not a matter of if but when. While we cannot eliminate the threats of disasters, good planning can help minimize their impacts. H-GAC is committed to working with local governments to ensure that our region is as prepared as can be.

Publications include guides for elected officials and first responders, an assessment of storm debris needs, and comprehensive planning tools identifying regional hazards and vulnerabilities.

Disaster Preparedness (3)
Foresight Panel on Environmental Effects (1)

On November 20, 2007, H-GAC’s Board of Directors (“Board”) established an expert panel to develop recommendations for local governments to adapt to potential changes in the region’s climate and associated environmental effects.

This Foresight Panel on Environmental Effects (“the Panel”) was comprised of experts in climate change and local infrastructure planning.

The purpose of the Panel was not to address the validity of climate change models or the potential contributions of human activity to climate change. Rather, its charge was to recommend sound strategies for local governments to adapt to the potential effects of climate change should it occur.

Hazard Mitigation (7)

The Houston Galveston Area Council of Government sponsored the development of a comprehensive Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan for the cities and counties in an seven-county area: Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Liberty, Montgomery, Walker and Waller counties and the incorporated cities within those counties.