Solid Waste and Recycling Publications

The H-GAC Solid Waste Program reviews applications for landfill permits and solid waste grants. H-GAC provides technical assistance to local governments on solid waste issues, as well as continuing education opportunities for local governments and solid waste professionals. H-GAC also provides recycling resources for the Houston-Galveston region.

The report to the Texas Legislature is a snapshot of how revenue from the Regional Solid Waste Grants Program is spent throughout the state. Revenue from this program is provided by the state’s municipal solid waste fee, or “tipping fee,” half of which is designated for regional and local projects.

The state-adopted the regional solid waste plan for the H-GAC 13-county area. This report is a comprehensive document that discusses source reduction and reuse, recycling, resource recovery, and disposal; analyzes the current waste management system; and presents recommendations for state, region, and local actions in addressing solid waste management problems in the region. The plan is split into two volumes.

The 1994 Solid Waste Management Plan for H-GAC is available for historic reference only.