What is Eco-Logical?

Eco-Logical is an interactive mapping application that identifies where transportation and other infrastructure projects coincide with valuable environmental resources within the Houston-Galveston metropolitan planning region. The tool was created to assist efforts to preserve wildlife habitats and ecological diversity as the metropolitan area expands and plans are made to accommodate the population growth and increased mobility in the region.

Eco-Logical is suited to use as a preliminary screening tool for assessing project alignments and their implications for the environment. The tool can additionally alert a project sponsor to a range of issues they may need to address in the environmental review process.

Contact Info

Ayo Jibowu
[email protected]

Eco-Logical Awards

Eco-Logical received one of only two 2010 Regional Centers of Excellence awards supported by the National Association of Regional Councils and the US Forest Service.

Eco-Logical was awarded second place at the annual 2010 ESRI International User Conference in the Web GIS Applications category.