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Joseph Peart

Public Works Director


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City of Shenandoah

Kathie Reyer

City Administrator


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29955 I-45 North




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Montgomery County Precinct 4

Jim Clark



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P O. Box 84 23628 Roberts Road

New Caney



Project Information

David Memorial Extension

Montgomery County

David Memorial Drive

Extend David Memorial Drive from existing end of roadway, north, to HWY 242

The primary problems addressed by the project is relief of recurring peak hour congestion and provision of a flood resistant north south route for use in emergency situations. The addition of a four lane facility parallel to IH-45 will alleviate the heavy peak hour traffic on the IH-45 north bound frontage road between Tamina and SH-242. The South Montgomery County Mobility plan calls for adding north-south routes to move local traffic off of the IH-45 corridor. The David Memorial extension is shown on the South Montgomery County Mobility plan, Montgomery County's thoroughfare plan, and the City of Shenandoah's thoroughfare plan. Extending David Memorial Drive will add two additional traffic lanes for both northbound and southbound traffic. The intersection of IH-45 and HWY 242 is regularly congested with heavy traffic. This congestion increases the commute time of daily drivers during the peak periods. The congestion also limits access for patients and ambulances to the adjacent Houston Methodist Hospital The Woodlands. The proposed extension would provide a less congested alternate route for this access. The congestion along the frontage road also impedes bus and motorist traffic for the Conroe Independent School District (CISD), including access to the Woodforest Stadium and Natatorium complex. Again, the proposed extension will provide an alternate route to access CISD facilities as well as decreasing the traffic using the frontage road. The existing IH-45 frontage road are prone to lane and road closures due to flooding during normal rain events. The proposed David Memorial extension will be designed to remain open during a 100-year flood event, thus providing emergency access for the area.

The proposed project will consist of extending the existing dead end of David Memorial Drive, north, just over one mile to HWY 242. The roadway is proposed to be a four lane concrete boulevard with raised medians. The project will extend through wetlands and will require wetlands mitigation. The roadway will connect to developments along its route including the Metropark Square, Sam Moon shopping center and the Houston Methodist Hospital The Woodlands. The roadway will be built above the 100 year floodplain and will provide an alternate route when IH-45 feeder north and southbound lanes are flooded. The HWY 242 connection will be located at the existing South Trade Center Blvd. intersection. TxDOT has completed a traffic study for this intersection and are planning to make it a signalized intersection.

The primary purpose of the project is to provide an additional north-south corridor above the 100-year floodplain in south Montgomery County. This will provide relief of traffic congestion at the intersection of IH-45 and HWY 242. This should speed travel times of daily commuters, CISD, and provide additional access to a local hospital.

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David Memorial Timeline.xlsx

This project is the creation of additional roadway. Currently ROW is designated for 33% of the project. Conversations have been had with the remaining two property owners. Both are interested in designating ROW. Where utilities are needed, they will be extended by the developers who own the property. Wetlands mitigation will be required for this project.

11991 DAVID MEMORIAL EXTENSION PHASE II - Preliminary Plan Set - 2017-6-1.PDF


2018 David Memorial Exhibit B.pdf

Project Budget

project-budget-worksheet-David Memorial.xlsx


Benefit/Cost Analysis

01a Transit-Active-Transportation-Safety-Benefits David Memorial.xlsx


03 Roadway-Emissions-Benefits David Memorial.xlsx

01b Roadway-Safety-Benefits David Memorial.xlsx

04 Shenandoah Cost Benefit David Memorial.xlsx

The BCA analysis was prepared using data provided by Vishu Lingala from HGAC’s regional traffic model. The data consisted of volumes and speeds for I-45 NB Frontage road between Tamina and SH 242; I-45 SB Frontage road between SH 242 and Research Forest; Tamina between I-45 and David Memorial and Research Forest between Six Pines and I-45. The data provided by HGAC included 2018, 2025 and 2045 model runs for both with and without the David Memorial Project completed. Using the supplied spreadsheet templates, this data was then used to estimate safety benefits, delay benefits, and emissions benefits for the completion of the David Memorial Project. Delay benefits were calculated using TxDOT provided Roadway User Costs for the years in question. A 2% growth rate on costs was used to project past 2025.

Planning Factors - Connectivity to Employment/Eliminates At-Grade Railroad Crossings


901 - 1000


Planning Factors - Environmental Justice


Planning Factors - Improves Corridor Level of Travel Time Reliability (LOTTR)

0.11 - 0.20

05 lottr-estimation David Memorial.xlsx

Planning Factors - Improves Multimodal LOS




The David Memorial Roadway Extension project will provide four concrete, divided lanes with raised curbed medians from the existing dead end street just north of Shenandoah Park Drive north 1.06 miles to HWY 242 at the S. Trade Center Blvd. The proposed project includes extending the existing 8-foot concrete pathway north to the Houston Methodist hospital on HWY 242. The pathway will tie into local developments, which will be a mix of commercial and residential uses. The pathway can be used by both bicyclists and pedestrians in lieu of the roadway. The existing north bound frontage road floods regularly, providing no north bound access to the hospital for emergencies. The David Memorial extension will be the only north and south bound road on the east side of I-45 that will connect major through streets and will be constructed above the 100-year floodplain. The Conroe Independent School District's buses will be able to use this route when transporting students to and from schools and the football stadium. There are currently three schools that would use this route on the regular basis. The pathway can be used by both bicyclists and pedestrians in lieu of the roadway. The pathway will tie into local developments, which will be a mix of commercial and residential uses. This proposed road is desperately needed for the growing area. The existing north bound frontage road has standing traffic during peak hours of every day. The traffic blocks the entrance to the hospital. David Memorial will provide an alternate route, by passing the busy Hwy 242 intersection at I-45. The City of Shenandoah has already met with all the possible stakeholders. All stakeholders showed enthusiasm for this project. They provided letters of support. Adjacent property owners provided right-of-way for the project. The City is in the process of obtaining the right-of-way necessary for the project. If this project is selected, the City will begin the environmental study to acquire the necessary wetland credits for the project. The wetland permit is already submitted for the hospital parcel and was already approved for the Sam Moon parcel. The County has designated $2.0 million in the approved road bond for this project. The City of Shenandoah has designated over $2.0 million for this project. The City of Conroe has agreed to take ownership of the roadway maintenance for the section inside the Conroe City limits. This corridor will provide an additional north-south route to help keep local traffic off of IH-45. This meets the needs of one of the findings in the South Montgomery County Mobility Plan. The proposed roadway is noted in the Montgomery County Thoroughfare Plan as well as the City of Shenandoah's Thoroughfare Plan.

Planning Factors - Planning Coordination


Montgomery County Thoroughfare Plan


Planning Factors - Roadway Hierarchy/Freight System Priority/Evacuation Route

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