Study Summary and Goals

The intent of the Prairie View Livable Centers Study is to create an area that is integrated and connected into its immediate and larger, regional surroundings by building a walkable, transit-friendly community with enhanced access to employment opportunities, civic infrastructure, and amenities, and reduce the impacts of defined barriers to pedestrian and bicyclists.

Prairie View desires a plan to enhance the image along Sandra Bland and University Boulevard (between Old Business 290 Highway and the 1098 intersection) adjacent to the Livable Centers Study area, because it is the primary gateway to the university, and it is symbolically at the heart of the City. The recommendations will help alleviate the existing conditions of poor design, and outline a plan to develop a well-planned Central Business District which will provide a multipurpose social environment, create growth, and maintain a feeling of holistic community connection.

Study Area Map

Prairie View Study Area Map

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Local Partner

Prairie View

Lead Consultant

Halff Associates