Montrose Livable Centers Planning Study

Study Summary and Goals

The goal of the study is to complete the first comprehensive and stakeholder driven plan for Montrose which builds-off previous plans, leverages past and current infrastructure improvements, improves pedestrian and bike infrastructure, access to transit, greenspace amenities, and housing and economic development into a unified vision and implementation plan. The study will provide a holistic, community-oriented study that will focus on stakeholder input and outreach to create a capital improvement program that will enhance mobility, connectivity, land use, housing, and economic development while addressing the key goal of creating a livable and walkable place for all. 

Study Area Map

Study will focus on the area is situated just southwest of downtown Houston. Established in 2015, the Montrose TIRZ is bound by W. Dallas St. to the north, Spur 527 to the east, IH 69/US 59 to the south and S. Shepherd Dr. to the west.

Download the Montrose Livable Centers Planning Study

Local Partners

Montrose TIRZ

Lead Consultant

Asakura Robinson