Study Summary and Goals

The Independence Heights/Northline Study provides analysis and recommendations for land use and infrastructure investments that create a more walkable, connected community with strong community hubs and great public spaces. Specifically, the study recommends:

  • Redeveloping the historic Burgess Hall as an anchor for the community.
  • Creating development guidelines that determine what can and cannot be constructed in the floodplain, and identifying key infrastructure in the floodplain that could be elevated.
  • Building greater connections throughout the neighborhood by encouraging transit-oriented development at the Northline Transit Center and creating new pedestrian connections underneath I-45.

Download the Independence Heights-Northline Livable Centers Study and the Independence Heights-Northline Projects.

Study Area Map

The study area is bounded approximately by Whitney Street and Lyerly Street to the north, I-610 to the south, Fulton Street and I-45 to the east, and Yale Boulevard and North Main Street to the west. The main areas of focus are the Independence Heights area west of I-45 and the Northline Commons area.

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Local Partners

Greater Northside Management District
Independence Heights Redevelopment Council
Northline Development

Lead Consultant

Design Workshop