Healthy Pasadena Livable Centers Study

Study Summary and Goals

The goal for the Healthy Pasadena Livable Centers plan is to create a vibrant urban center for all ages that connects diverse housing and thriving parks with employment opportunities to support healthy lifestyles.

The Healthy Pasadena Livable Centers study will implement a key recommendation of the Pasadena Strategic Redevelopment Plan, which aims to create a live|work|play regional destination for health and wellness, as well as Pasadena Healthy Parks Plan which addresses long-term park needs through the lenses of health and equity.

The study's conceptual plan and recommended catalyst projects should encourage walkability, connection within and between nodes of community activity, and build environment strategies that support local economic development and employment. The study should result in a forward-looking vision and practical implementation strategies that consider responsible stewardship of existing resources to best meet anticipated population growth.

Study Area Map

Pasadena Study Area Map

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Local Partner

City of Pasadena

Lead Consultant