City of Angleton Livable Centers Planning Study

Study Summary and Goals

Downtown Angleton, after years of buildings sitting vacant and for sale, is now experiencing a revitalization that is evident through recent small business growth. As Brazoria County is experiencing rapid growth, Angleton is beginning to capture the attention of developers and the local population. The Livable Center Study will involve creating a community vision for the downtown and County Courthouse areas focused on new, context-sensitive standards for development, multimodal access and connectivity, a mix of land uses, a diversity of housing options, and a sense of place.

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Study Area Map

The Study will focus on the downtown district which is approximately a quarter square mile (a quarter-mile wide by a mile long) and is bounded by Arcola Street to the east; Front Street to the west, Miller Street to the north, and the railroad immediately north of Kiber Street to the south.

Angleton Study map


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Local Partners

City of Angleton

Lead Consultant

Freese & Nichols