Brays Oaks Livable Centers Study

Study Summary and Goals

The Brays Oaks Livable Center Study will focus within the boundaries of the Brays Oaks Management District (BOMD) which was established in 2005 for purposes of improving the quality of life for area residents, promoting opportunities for reinvestment, and reaffirming the community as one of the best in Houston to live, work, and play.

The District has spent more than a decade addressing issues that have diminished the area’s reputation, ranging from criminal activity and flooding to lack of amenities and simple recognition as a place for investment. Today, the community enjoys increased civic engagement among its neighborhoods and it has once again become a place for investment. 

The Brays Oaks Management District sees the future for the community as one with strong neighborhoods connected to vibrant mixed-use centers by a quality network of roads and trails. It envisions a community with strong connection to its growing number of cultural and natural assets that make this a place of physical and social sustainability and a celebration of diversity.

What was once a place that touted its proximity to other places as its greatest asset has a potential to become a destination by its own right – a place that residents and employees want to stay, and others want to regularly visit. The community is an area that supports regional stormwater management that also serve as natural and recreational attractions. To help in this vision, the Brays Oaks Management District is seeking to develop a Strategic Development Plan through the Houston-Galveston Area Council Livable Centers planning program.

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