Bacteria Implementation Group Research Workgroup


The Implementation Strategy 10.0: Research includes four research priorities:

  • Research Priority 10.1: Evaluate the Effectiveness of Storm Water Implementation Activities
  • Research Priority 10.2: Further Evaluate Persistence and Regrowth
  • Research Priority 10.3: Determine Appropriate Indicators
  • Research Priority 10.4: Additional Research Topics

More information about the status of the I-Plan, including a link to the full document, can be found on the BIG page.


Houston-Galveston Area Council

Conference Room A, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

3555 Timmons Lane

Houston, TX 77027

Meeting in Preparation of the 2014 Annual Big Meeting

Meeting in Preparation of the 2013 Annual BIG Meeting.

Meeting in conjunction with the Monitoring & Plan Revision Workgroup and Watershed Outreach Workgroup.