Bacteria Implementation Group (BIG)

Bacteria Implementation Group (BIG)

About the Bacteria Implementation Group (BIG)

The Bacteria Implementation Group (BIG) is a thirty-three-member committee that has developed and is overseeing implementation of a plan, or I-Plan, to remedy high levels of bacteria in waterways identified in Total Maximum Daily Load projects in the Houston Region.

The I-Plan is a common-sense approach for reducing bacteria levels in our waterways and providing better services to citizens. However, for the plan to work, we need your help. With everyone pitching in together, we will reduce bacteria levels in our waterways.

Activities of the BIG are open to all interested parties, and people are encouraged to attend meetings and participate in the various water quality issues pertinent to the I-Plan.

Contact Information

Would you like to contact us about this topic? Please contact:

Steven Johnston
Principal Planner
[email protected]