Study Summary and Goals

The goal of the Livable Centers Study is to identify improvements that create neighborhoods that are compact and mixed use, designed to be walkable and connected and accessible within the Upper Kirby District. The future MetroRail through Upper Kirby provides an important public investment in the neighborhood that can help to initiate this goal.

The study seeks to build off of this resource with focused public and private improvements that guide short and long-term growth. The overall vision for the neighborhood is to create a place with a strong local identity that is economically healthy, vibrant, connected, walkable, and green.

Download the Upper Kirby Livable Centers Study.

Study Area Map

The study area is bounded by Buffalo Speedway, W. Alabama, Greenbriar, and U.S. 59, in the City of Houston. Local partners included the Upper Kirby District.

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Planning Meetings

Needs Assessment

Upper Kirby Community Workshop 1 Notes

Upper Kirby Advisory Committee Meeting 1 Notes

Upper Kirby Workshop 1 Presentation

Upper Kirby Advisory Committee Meeting 2 Presentation

Local Partners

Upper Kirby Management District

Lead Consultant

Van Meter Williams Pollack