Rosenberg/U.S. 90A Corridor Livable Centers Planning Study

Study Summary and Goals

The overall goal of this project is to create a study for the U.S. 90A corridor that supports the goals of H GAC’s Livable Centers program. The study will identify improvements, policies, and programs (including specific investments in transportation infrastructure) that will help revitalize the area, creating a vibrant community that offers a variety of housing and transportation options that meet the needs of residents and local businesses. Implementation strategies described in the plan should:

  • Encourage and support innovative redevelopment projects on underutilized properties;
  • Improve the mobility and safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit users;
  • Provide greater housing options; and
  • Protect and promote existing cultural and environmental assets that contribute to the area’s unique identity.

Download the Livable Centers Study for Rosenberg Avenue H/90A

Study Area Map

The study area includes the U.S. 90A corridor between State Highway 36 (36th Division Memorial Highway) and Lane Drive within the City of Rosenberg. Historic Downtown Rosenberg, which was recently designated a Cultural Arts District, is included within the study area. While much of the study area consists of commercial uses, there are some established residential neighborhoods.

Rosenberg/US 90A Corridor Livable Centers Study Area Map

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Local Partners

West Fort Bend Management District
City of Rosenberg

Lead Consultant

Morris Architects