Study Summary and Goals

The Greater Southeast Management District endeavors to continue to promote this area by conducting strategic improvements to make the area more attractive to residents, businesses, and visitors. This Livable Centers study provides a vision for multimodal connectivity from the OST/Palm Center area to other activity centers within Houston Southeast. By expanding the existing multi-modal network, access to destinations along the District’s Economic Development Corridors as described in the Houston Southeast Community Plan, would spur commerce for sustained and equitable community revitalization.

The OST/Palm Center Livable Center plan focuses on multimodal circulation and connectivity improvements that enhance and support economic development initiatives, mixed-income housing choice and affordability, community health and wellbeing, resiliency, and placemaking. Specially, the plan organizes recommendations under three central themes which include:

  • A vibrant and inclusive OST / Palm Center community with a distinct sense of place - where residents, businesses and visitors are proud of where they live, work, and play;
  • A community where everyone has access to economic opportunities - where residents and businesses can remain in place and thrive, and economic prosperity has broad community participation that is equitable and sustainable; and
  • A community where access to opportunities and experiences can be made safely, comfortably, and in dignity by a variety of transportation choices including walking, bicycling, and transit.

Study Area Map


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Greater Southeast Management District

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