Study Summary and Goals

The Nasa Area Study provides analysis and recommendations for land use and infrastructure investments that create a more walkable, connected community and develops a framework for ongoing development. Specifically, the study recommends:

  • Redesigning the right-of-way for key streets in the study area, particularly on Upper Bay Road, to incorporate safe and comfortable pedestrian and bicyclist infrastructure.
  • Fostering a sense of place through the design and placement of distinctive public art, community gateways, wayfinding and other signage.
  • Adding a mixed-use category to the city’s zoning regulations that will increase residential and commercial land uses and encourage greater density in the community.

Download the NASA Area Study.

Study Area Map

The study area is around the commercial area of Nassau Bay, bounded to the north by NASA Parkway/NASA 1 Bypass in Harris County.

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Local Partners

NASA Area Management District
City of Nassau Bay

Lead Consultant

SWA Group