Study Summary and Goals

The Mont Belvieu Livable Centers Study provides recommendations to create a new main street and city center that will serve as a destination within the community. In this concept plan, the Mont Belvieu Main will have a mix of uses and contribute to a high quality of life. The project is characterized by vital amenities such as open space and year-round activities, housing choices for all and environmental sensitivity. Varied employment choices and thriving business will be well-connected to the greater community through well-designed sidewalks, trails and streetscapes. A few project highlights include:

  • A mobility framework that encourages multimodal transportation through the integration of Complete Streets;
  • A public realm framework and guidelines that establish walkable blocks and placemaking principles;
  • A downtown land use plan that encourages a mix of uses and housing types;
  • A comprehensive open space network and stormwater Best Management Practices to guide Low Impact Design; and
  • Recommended changes to land use and zoning to allow for mixed use and greater density in the Study Area.

Study Area Map

The focus of the Mont Belvieu Livable Center study is on the potential future Downtown area. The Project Study Area is centered on the intersection of Eagle Drive and FM 565, from Grand Parkway on the west to the drainageway on the east.

Mont Belvieu Study Area Map

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Local Partners

City of Mont Belvieu

Lead Consultant

Design Workshop

Study Information

Implementation Workshop July 31, 2018

Alternatives Workshop