Study Summary and Goals

The Hempstead Study provides analysis and recommendations for land use and infrastructure investments that create a more walkable, mixed-use community with strong local businesses and a high quality of life. Specifically, the study recommends:

  • Enforcing current codes to make vacant buildings useful for the community, and using new policies to attract local businesses downtown.
  • Creating new parks downtown and designating existing green space as natural areas to create a local greenbelt.
  • Develop gateway signage and implement streetscape improvements that make downtown a walkable destination.

Download the Hempstead Livable Centers Study.

Study Area Map

The Hempstead study area is approximately one-half square miles and includes downtown Hempstead and adjacent areas. The study area is bordered by Brazos Street to the north, Peebles Street to the south, 5th Street to the east, and 14th Street to the west.

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Planning Meetings

Hempstead Livable Centers Study - Values Workshop

Local Partners

City of Hempstead

Lead Consultant

Design Workshop