Fourth Ward Livable Centers Planning Study

Study Summary and Goals

The Fourth Ward Study provides analysis and recommendations for land use and infrastructure investments that support a more walkable, mixed-use neighborhood while preserving the character and history of the community. Specifically, the study recommends:

  • Forming a historic core along Andrews Street and Wilson Street to preserve and relocate homes and other structures to better protect them from demolition for redevelopment.
  • Creating events and other active recreation opportunities in the neighborhood’s existing parks, particularly for young adults.
  • Developing three distinct “Centers” that have a mix of uses, are easy to access from other parts of the neighborhood, and support affordable housing.

Download the Fourth Ward Livable Centers Study.

Study Area Map

The study area sits just west of downtown Houston and south of Buffalo Bayou, and includes the Fourth Ward Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ), bound by Allen Parkway, Heiner Street, Dennis Street, and Taft in the City of Houston.

Fourth Ward Study Area Map

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Local Partners

Fourth Ward Redevelopment Authority
City of Houston

Lead Consultant

Design Workshop