City of Texas City Livable Centers Planning Study

Study Summary and Goals

The overall goal of the study is to create a Livable Centers plan for the Texas City study area that will promote pedestrian accessibility, increase access to transit, promote a range of quality housing options and increase opportunities for private investment. The study should result in practical implementation strategies to improve the quality of the living/working/civic environment in the area. It should enhance the area as a destination which is walkable, transit-served, characterized by diverse housing and employment choices, thriving businesses, vibrant street life, and civic amenities. Additional goals of the study are to identify strategies to develop vacant land, re-develop sub-standard housing, improve economic activity within the study area, and attract new residents and visitors.

Download the Texas City Livable Centers Study.

Study Area Map

The focus of the Texas City Livable Center study is the eastern portion of Texas City, including the Downtown Revitalization District around historic 6th Street. The study area is bounded by 25th Avenue to the north, Texas Avenue (Hwy 1765) to the south, Bay Street to the east (with an extension to the dike), and 31st Street to the west.

City of Texas City Livable Centers Study Area Map

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Local Partners

City of Texas City

Lead Consultant

Freese and Nichols