Study Summary and Goals

The League City Study provides analysis and recommendations for land use and infrastructure investments that create a more walkable, connected Main Street and Historic Creekside District. Specifically, the study recommends:

  • Investing in greenspace to improve quality of life by programming and investing in League Park and incorporating the League City Trail system.
  • Revitalizing the Main Street Corridor through streetscape design, iconic community gateways, and a consideration of parking management strategies.
  • Rethinking the intersection of Main Street and Park Avenue to create a regional destination for retail and entertainment.

Download the City of League City Main Street Implementation Plan: A Livable Centers Study.

Study Area Map

The study area is generally bounded by Clear Creek to the North, Reynolds Street to the East, Walker Street to the South, and SH3 to the West.

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Local Partners

City of League City

Lead Consultant

Gateway Planning