City of Clute Livable Centers Study

Study Summary and Goals

The City of Clute lacks a central core, and seeks to create an environment that will provide decent, safe, and affordable housing in close proximity to transit stops, employment, educational and recreational opportunities connected not only by streets but also by sidewalks and dedicated pathways. The Livable Centers plan for the study area that will define new, context-sensitive standards for the City of Clute that foster multi-modal access and connectivity, a mix of land uses, a diversity of housing options, and a sense of place. The study’s conceptual plan and associated recommendations should encourage walkability, connection within and between nodes of community activity, and built environment strategies that support local economic development and employment. The study should result in a forward-looking vision and practical implementation strategies that consider responsible stewardship of the City of Clute’s existing resources to best meet the community’s needs.

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Study Area Map


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Local Partner

City of Clute

Lead Consultant

Kevin Sloan Studio