Data Review Checklist

H-GAC's local and sub-tier partners need to submit data sets to H-GAC electronically or by fax. Each partner's data set must be submitted with a completed Data Review Checklist. The checklist will assist in your review of data processing methods prior to submitting your data to H-GAC.


Complete this form, sign it where applicable, and submit it with copies of Field Sheets, Chain-of-Custody Forms, and Lab Data Reports pertaining to the data.

One form is required for each submission.

Please send the completed Data Review Checklist with all attachments to:

Jessica Casillas
Clean Rivers Program Data Manager
Houston-Galveston Area Council
Community & Environmental Planning
3555 Timmons Lane
Houston, TX 77027
Phone: 713-993-4594
Fax: 713-993-4503
[email protected]

Data will be processed and submitted electronically to the TCEQ in the Event/Result file format described in the Clean Rivers Program Guidance.