The H-GAC Transportation Safety Program aims to improve traffic safety throughout the eight-county Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) region. The program has three key objectives: 1) identify and monitor safety issues; 2) implement roadway safety improvements at hazardous locations; and 3) support the safety efforts of other community organizations and agencies.

The region has experienced tremendous population growth and a corresponding increase in traffic-related injuries and deaths. In 2020 alone, traffic fatalities increased by 7% in Texas and by 11% in the eight-county metropolitan region. Improving traffic safety in the region will take every one of us working together. Otherwise, we will continue to pay the price.

Don’t Pay the Price

According to H-GAC’s 2020 State of Safety report, a crash occurs every four minutes in the region. A crash with a serious injury occurs every three hours, and a fatality occurs every 12 hours.

The six crash types responsible for the overwhelming majority of the region’s traffic fatalities are intersection-related crashes, crashes involving a pedestrian, crashes involving unrestrained drivers or passengers, impaired driving, speeding, and crashes involving motorcyclists.

Achieving safe, accessible roads for everyone requires us to rethink how we move about our region.