Liberty County Subregional Study

Background Information

Liberty County is developing quickly. With increasing traffic to the area, especially within the Cities of Cleveland, Dayton and Liberty, the County needs a plan that manages growth, maintains mobility, and focuses on safety for all users.

The Liberty County Mobility Study will define future transportation investments that will move people and goods to and from destinations in a safe and efficient manner.

The study will:

  • Analyze the existing transportation network
  • Consider existing and future land use and growth scenarios
  • Recommend ways to improve transportation mobility for residents, businesses and visitors now and in the future

Development of the Mobility Study will be a collaborative process that analyzes a variety of alternative scenarios, so citizens, stakeholders, and elected officials can make informed decisions about the facilities and policies needed for a growing Liberty County. The analysis and process will be summarized in an Implementation and Funding Plan that will have the flexibility to adjust as the County’s needs change.

Liberty County Study Area Map
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Project Schedule

Liberty County Study Project Schedule
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About Liberty County

Liberty County is growing. In 2018, it had an estimated population of 81,862. This is an 8% increase from its 2010 population of 75,643.

  • Single-Person Households: 6,698 / Total Households: 26,203
  • Has one or more types of computing devices: Est- 26,203 (32% of the total population)
  • Primary Languages: English, Spanish (1,532 people)

Source: US Census American Community Survey

Liberty County Data Dashboard

H-GAC has created an interactive data dashboard that highlights data and information about the Liberty County area relevant to this Study.

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