Recycling Used Electronics

Used electronics represent the fastest growing segment of the municipal waste stream and include electronic products such as TVs, computers, cell phones, VCRs, and stereos. These products may contain toxic materials such as lead, barium, mercury, and cadmium, which are harmful to the environment.

Please view the following literature on the management of used electronic waste:

Used Electronics - Facts
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Future Electronics Recycling RFP Opportunities

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Computer Recycling

State law requires computer manufacturers to offer Texas consumers free and convenient computer equipment recycling. We work with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to encourage computer recycling in our area.

Visit to find a list of manufacturers with links to their recycling web pages and additional information for consumers, manufacturers, and retailers.

The program only applies to individual consumers, not to organizations. Although it does not cover equipment collected from consumers by local governments, the program aims to shift the responsibility of such collection and recycling to the manufacturers.

H-GAC's Used Electronics, Collection, Transportation and Disposal Contract

H-GAC has contracted with CompuCycle for the collection, transportation and disposal of used electronics within the H-GAC region. The contract will cover both one-day collection events and permanent facilities.

Please note that the pricing for one-day events and permanent facilities is the same.

CompuCycle Pricing Summary
CompuCycle Contract (through May 2022)

Please contact H-GAC at for more information regarding this contract.

To speak with CompuCycle directly, please contact:

Clive Hess

Collection Events

Used electronics collection events can be sponsored by private corporations, communities, or by local government. They reduce the amount of hazardous materials going to the landfill, which reduces the threat to humans and the environment. Electronics unable to be refurbished can be dismantled and stripped of the valuable resources contained within, such as various metals and plastics. Collection events allow refurbished electronics to be available at reduced prices, to the public. For electronic collection events in your area visit Earth911.

Financial Assistance

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) sponsors a Municipal Solid Waste Grant program in the 13 county region through H-GAC in which electronic collection programs and projects are eligible for funding. Assistance from civic groups, grants, and local government, and private corporations may also be available.

More Information

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