The Gulf Coast Economic Development District (GCEDD), through a grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, developed an economic resilience plan for the 13 counties in the H-GAC planning region.

The Regional Plan for Economic Resilience

The Regional Plan for Economic Resilience is now available for review. This plan:

  • Analyzed threats and proposes solutions to help the regional and county economies bounce-back more quickly from disruptions; including natural disasters, downturns in the economy, or the loss of a major employer.
  • Highlights major challenges to long-term regional economic prosperity including water management, technological changes, development patterns, and demographic shifts.
  • Created an economic profiles for each of the thirteen counties, detailing their land use and demographics, housing, economy, education, natural hazard risks, commute patters, economic clusters, and local plans.
  • Conducted economic resilience workshops with each of the thirteen counties in the region to gain local insight, diffuse economic resilience concepts, and enhance coordination between economic development professionals and emergency management coordinators.

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