Gulf Coast Economic Development District

The Gulf Coast Economic Development District (GCEDD) assists and advises elected officials in their decision-making responsibilities by making recommendations on issues related to economic development.

The GCEDD also provides economic development loans for qualified business owners and local governments.

Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones are a new tax incentive created to spur investment in designated low-income census tracts. Taxpayers can reduce or eliminate capital gains through qualified investments in businesses or real estate within an Opportunity Zone. The economy in the Houston-Galveston region is recovering from Hurricane Harvey, and low-income communities in the region were disproportionately affected by Harvey’s floodwaters. Attracting investments to the region’s Opportunity Zones will speed the long-term economic recovery of these communities.


Workforce Solutions provides economic data you need to make policy decisions and promote economic development in your jurisdiction.

The Houston-Galveston Area Local Development Corporation administers the Business Loan Fund to help finance new or expanding small businesses when traditional funding isn't available or isn't enough.

Economic Development Administration Planning and Technical Assistance Grant Information