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Megan Siercks

Senior Project Manager


[email protected]

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City of Mont Belvieu

Ricardo Villagrand

City Engineer


[email protected]

P.O. Box 1048

Mont Belvieu



Additional Agency Information

Project Information

Langston Boulevard Extension

Chambers County

Langston Boulevard

From Franklin Drive to the future tie-in with the SH 99 extension. Approximately 4,300 feet total in length.

In the City of Mont Belvieu, the need exists for additional east-west corridors to supplement IH 10 and FM 565 within the region. As the city continues to grow in population as expected, it will be even more critical to provide traffic an alternative to IH 10 and FM 565 to travel east-west to relieve congestion, eliminate bottlenecks within the city, and serve as a reliever in case of traffic incidents on IH 10. Furthermore, the planned re-construction of the IH 10 at Eagle Drive interchange, scheduled to last three years, will create additional connectivity issues. The extension of Langston Blvd is expected to address the lack of east-west connectivity within the city and provide an additional connection to the future Grand Parkway extension.

Langston Boulevard is proposed to be extended west as a two-lane half-boulevard from east of Franklin Drive to the future extension of Grand Parkway, with the expectation of completing the four-lane boulevard section in the future. The project is expected to include a separated bike trail which will connect to the city’s network of trails and sidewalks, as well as the future 200-acre park, Hackberry Gully Park, west of Eagle Drive. The design speed for the existing section of Langston Boulevard is 35 MPH.

Along with providing residents with a needed collector street, The Langston Boulevard extension will become a critical component in improving east-west connectivity throughout the city and region. The extension will provide relief for traffic displaced by the reconstruction of the IH 10/Eagle Drive interchange. Traffic bound for Grand Parkway will be able to use the Langston Boulevard extension to access Grand Parkway. The extension is part of plans to extend Langston Boulevard to SH 146 at a later date. In addition, the new right-of-way will provide additional bike lanes and connectivity to the city’s proposed network of trails, parks, and other recreational facilities. One of the parks that the Langston Boulevard extension will provide access to is the future 200-acre regional park, Hackberry Gully Park. Hackberry Gully Park would be mainly north of Langston Road extension with access to South Lake Pier as well as additional trails to the south.



Less than $100 million

(Expand) Roadway Added Capacity/New Construction/Complete Streets


12. Project Information--Mayor Funding Commitment Letter.pdf

Project Development/Readiness


Categorical Exclusion (CE)


















Pre-app 7. Project Development-ReadinessTimeline.pdf

Topographic survey is underway. 30% PS&E is expected to be completed by March 2019. No known utilities are in the area. All necessary ROW has been acquired by the City.

9. Project Development-Readiness--Schematic.pdf


1. Map Location--Langston.pdf

Project Budget

1. Project Budget--Langston.xlsx


Benefit/Cost Analysis

1. Benefit Cost Analysis--Safety Benefits.xlsx


3. Benefit Cost Analysis--Emissions Benefits.xlsx

4. Benefit Cost Analysis--TMC and Screenline Figure.pdf

Other Investments--Multimodal LOS Report.pdf

The 2018 peak period volume projections were adjusted using existing turning movement counts (TMC) (attached) and a screenline analysis with Langston Blvd, IH 10, and FM 565. Volumes on Langston Boulevard were determined based on the number of travel lanes between Langston (2 lanes), IH 10 frontage roads (4 lanes), and FM 565 (2 lanes). Due to the planned reconstruction of the interchange of IH 10 at Eagle Drive, it is expected that more traffic than predicted by H-GAC will use Langston Boulevard as an alternate to travel east-west. The difference between the existing TMC data and the H-GAC data was applied to 2018, 2025, and 2045 peak period projections. The adjusted 24-hour volumes were obtained by using the same ratio used by H-GAC to obtain the peak period volumes.

Planning Factors - Connectivity to Employment/Eliminates At-Grade Railroad Crossings


1 - 500 Jobs


Planning Factors - Environmental Justice


Planning Factors - Improves Corridor Level of Travel Time Reliability (LOTTR)

0.01 – 0.10

Other Investments--LOTTR Estimation.xlsx

Planning Factors - Improves Multimodal LOS




The extension of Langston Blvd is expected to improve the corridor’s LOS by providing an alternative for east-west traffic flow, and a connection to the future Grand Parkway extension. The separated bike path will give bikes and pedestrians safe passage along the corridor and create fewer conflicts with traffic on Langston Blvd. See LOS tables attached as #5 in BCA.

Planning Factors - Planning Coordination


Langston Blvd is listed as a proposed minor arterial in the City of Mont Belvieu Major Thoroughfare Plan in the 2035 Comprehensive Plan.


Planning Factors - Roadway Hierarchy/Freight System Priority/Evacuation Route

Minor Arterial