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Albert Lyne

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Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas

Thomas Lambert

President & CEO


[email protected]

1900 Main Street




Additional Agency Information

Project Information

West Bellfort Park & Ride Modification Project

Harris County

West Bellfort Park & Ride

11415 Roark Road, Houston TX 77031

The need for this project is due to the growing transit demand at METRO’s West Bellfort Park & Ride. Commuters in southwest Harris County and Fort Bend County increasingly rely on this facility to access employment, primarily in downtown Houston and the Texas Medical Center. The West Bellfort Park & Ride facility will also serve the Uptown Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service when it begins operations in 2019. To safely and efficiently meet the increasing demand for public transit, METRO needs to redesign the site to accommodate additional bus bays and parking spaces. The project also proposes to replace facilities that have reached the end of their useful life, such as the bus canopy. Finally, due to the facility being overcapacity on weekdays, cars park illegally throughout the lot, creating unsafe conditions for pedestrians and vehicles which will be addressed as part of this project’s scope.

The project includes: 1. Relocation of the bus platform and demolishing the existing platform to repurpose the area for customer parking. 2. Reconfiguration of the existing site to optimize the efficiency of the current layout of the facility. 3. Modification of the relocated bus bays from four (4) to six (6) bus bays to accommodate future service. 4. Expansion and relocation of existing storm water detention to accommodate the new paving of surface parking. 5. Bicycle and pedestrian bridge connection to the Keegan’s Bayou Trail from the site, as well as vehicular lane restriping to shift the existing northbound lane on Roark Road to reconfigure the egress onto the IH 69/US 59 frontage road for a better line of sight for drivers. 6. Safety enhancements for bicycles, pedestrians, and automobiles, as well as improvements to pedestrian sidewalks, crosswalks, bike parking and amenities, and wayfinding signage for bicycle and pedestrians. 7. Intersection improvements to West Bellfort Boulevard and Roark Road. 8. New and expanded passenger amenities, including seating, information kiosks, trash receptacles, etc. 9. Landscaping, new LED lighting, security cameras, emergency call boxes, and automated gates and fencing. 10. HOV/HOT services in both directions connecting to the existing HOV/HOT ramp. 11. Work with adjacent apartment complexes to provide access to the facility through pedestrian gates. 12. Incorporation of urban design elements to enhance patrons’ experience

METRO proposes to reconfigure the West Bellfort Park & Ride lot, within the existing footprint, by expanding surface parking, maximizing operational efficiency, and improving patrons’ access, safety, and security. West Bellfort will also serve the Uptown Transit Center with transfer opportunities to the new Uptown BRT line, currently under construction. The addition of the Uptown service will further increase demand for parking at the site. The purpose of this project is to provide sufficient parking at the site to accommodate current and near-term demand and replace facilities that have reached the end of their useful life. The construction would be strategically phased to allow for the continuation of normal bus operations and safe and efficient patron, vehicular and pedestrian circulation.


16245 and 16246


Less than $100 million

(Maintain) Transit Facility State of Good Repair


Funding Commitment Letter & Letters of Support 10.31.18.pdf

Project Development/Readiness

30% PS&E

Categorical Exclusion (CE)












1d West Bellfort Design Coordination Notes.pdf


1a West Bellfort_ DEV TIMELINE.pdf

1. The Categorical Exclusion Report was submitted to FTA on September 17, 2018. 2. Awaiting response from FTA. 3. Preliminary design work is underway. 4. Coordination with the City of Houston Traffic Department, Precinct 1, and the Harris County Flood Control has been initiated. 5. METRO was awarded a Section 5339 Bus and Bus Facilities grant for the West Bellfort project. It is programmed in the 2019-2022 TIP with that funding. The project would be completed within METRO’s right-of-way and is anticipated to be environmentally clear by the end of calendar year 2018 or early in 2019. The additional funding requested by this application would be added to the existing FTA grant.


1c West Bellfort MAP.jpg

Project Budget

1b West Bellfort BUDGET.xlsx


Benefit/Cost Analysis

3 West Bellfort BCA Files.zip


BCA Placeholder - see #1 Safety Benefits for BCA information.xlsx

See attached BCA in #1 Safety Benefits for methodology.

Planning Factors - Environmental Justice



Planning Factors - Includes Facility Maintenance Plan/Strategies


2. West Bellfort Planning Factors_final - Asset Management Plan.docx

Planning Factors - Planning Coordination


METRO Business Plan and Budget, 2019-2022 TIP, and 2040 Regional Transportation Plan

https://ridemetro.org/MetroPDFs/FinancialAuditInformation/Budgets/FY18-Business-Plan-and-Budget.pdf & http://www.h-gac.com/taq/tip/2019-2022-tip.aspx & http://www.h-gac.com/taq/plan/2040/default.aspx

Planning Factors - Provides Safe Ped/Bike Accommodations


Planning Factors - Ridership Impact (Expected Ridership Growth)


2. West Bellfort Planning Factors_final - Expected Ridership Growth.docx

Supported or Served by Multiple Transit Providers (Max 20 Points)


METRO provides local and express services at the West Bellfort Park & Ride: one local (8 West Bellfort), one crosstown (161 Wilcrest Express), four park and ride (262 Westwood, 265 West Bellfort, 269 Southwest Freeway, and 292 West Bellfort-Westwood / TMC), as well as METROLift. Fort Bend County Transportation operates one route (Fort Bend Express – Greenway Service). The facility is used by the regional van pools, with many of them originating outside of METRO’s service area.

Years Beyond Useful Life Benchmark

1-5 years beyond useful life benchmark