San Jacinto-Brazos Coastal Basin Bacteria Reduction Project

The Houston-Galveston Area Council is developing a partnership with local governments and community organizations in the San Jacinto-Brazos Coastal Basin to better understand the sources of bacteria and develop cost-effective voluntary solutions.

Watershed Characteristics

The streams addressed by this project are located within the San Jacinto-Brazos Coastal Basin, referred to as Basin 11. The Basin covers a large geographic area, and includes all or a portion of 50 cities, villages, and census-designated places and four counties: Brazoria, Fort Bend, Galveston and Harris.

About the Project

This will be a multi-year process to identify, plan, and address bacteria impairments across the basin in coordination with local stakeholders. The entire basin will be reviewed, with the each watershed addressed individually based on water quality data and stakeholder feedback. Watersheds with common issues may be grouped together for implementation efforts to encourage collaboration between stakeholders.

Executive Summary

Map showing affected watershedsClick on the image above for a full size version.

Characterization Report

Download Basin Characterization Reports for the San Jacinto-Brazos Coastal Basin for Indicator Bacteria.

Get Involved - Be A Part of the Conversation

The input of local stakeholders will be crucial to this plan's success. Here’s how you can help.

Twice a year, local eleceted officials and community leaders will come together to discuss the progress made within the basin and provide crucial deedback on the bacteria reduction plans being developed.

Several plans to address bacteria reduction are ongoing in Dickinson Bayou, Highland Bayou, Clear Creek, Armand Bayou, and Bastrop Bayou.