About the Transportation Project Selection Process

H-GAC conducts a Project Selection Process that assesses projects’ proposed alignment with the goals from the 2045 RTP Update, federal requirements, and guidance from the H-GAC’s Transportation Policy Council.

H-GAC has developed eight investment categories described below that translate the diverse goals, priorities, and requirements into discrete groupings of projects. H-GAC utilizes a combination of the investment category focused criteria, planning factors, and a cost-benefit analysis for project scoring.

View the Draft H-GAC Transportation Project Selection Process Handbook for more information.

Submit Your Project(s) for Consideration

To have your project(s) participate in H-GAC's selection process, you'll need to first complete our Statement of Project Interest form.

Eligible sponsors may submit potential projects for consideration by submitting basic project information as statements of projects interests on a rolling timeline. Project information that can be provided in a statement of project interest includes:

  • Project Title
  • Project Location (facility limits)
  • Project Description
  • Total Cost
  • Desired Project Outcome
  • Proposed Improvement Type
  • Investment Category

How to Submit Your Statement of Project Interest Form

Please submit your completed Statement of Project Interest form via email to [email protected].

How to Submit a Questionnaire for Your Project

Questionnaires for your submitted projects will be completed using our online Transportation Project Questionnaire form. To access this form, please follow these steps:

  1. H-GAC staff will contact you once your Transportation Project Questionnaire account has been created.

  2. Create a password for your Transportation Project Questionnaire account using our Password Reset form. This will only need to be completed once.

  3. Log into the Transportation Project Questionnaire System.

Additional instructions on how to submit and view questionnaires are shown once logged into the Transportation Project Questionnaire System.

Investment Categories

Regional Goods Movement

Roadway projects that are located on highways classified as Urban Critical Freight Corridor (UCFC) or Rural Critical Freight Corridor (RCFC) or intermodal connectors, projects proposed on roadways that provide connectivity to large warehouses, big box stores etc., and projects located on facilities with high truck volumes.

View the Draft H-GAC Transportation Project Selection Process Regional Goods Movement Evaluation Criteria.

View the Draft Regional Goods Movement Projects Total Score and Ranking.

View the Approved Regional Goods Movement Projects.

Operational Improvements & Congestion Management

Projects that reduce congestion and reduce travel delay (including HOV expansions and BRT projects).

High-Growth Area Needs

Development of facilities that will avoid future congestion in high growth areas, projects that address safety, congestion, or multimodalism in high growth areas, and projects that promote coordinated planning in high growth areas and support continued economic development.

Active Transportation

On and off-road Bicycle & Pedestrian projects that facilitate essential trip taking including universal accessibility projects for transit.


All Transit projects (except HOV expansions and BRT).

Major Projects

All projects with an estimated cost of $100 million or more.

Resiliency & State of Good Repair

Projects focused on resiliency improvements and extending useful life of the facility (details TBD pending full PROTECT guidance).

View the H-GAC Transportation Project Selection Process 5 Investment Categories Evaluation Criteria (12/1/2023).


Projects focused solely on safety improvements in high crash areas (details TBD pending recommendations of Safety Task Force).