Organization Primary Member Organization Alternate Member
Port Houston Bruce Mann Vacant Vacant
East End District Jack Hannigraff Vacant Vacant
Harris County Transit Ken Fickes Vacant Vacant
METRO Santiago Osorio Vacant Vacant
City of Houston Ian Hlavacek Vacant Vacant
TxDOT Ugonna Ughanze Vacant Vacant
TxDOT Melody Galland Vacant Vacant
City of Friendswood Jildardo Arias, P.E Vacant Vacant
Texas A&M Transportation
Robert Benz Vacant Vacant
City of Sugarland EMC Gabe Lavine City of Houston
Fire Chief
Sam Pena
Montgomery County-Homeland
Sec. and EM
Jason Millsaps City of Houston
Assistant Fire Chief
Russell Fritsch
Montgomery County Constable Jason Smith City of Houston
Director of Public Safety
& Homeland Security
George Buenik
City of Friendswood EMS-Fire
Brian Mansfield City of Houston
Deputy Director &
Emergency Management
Thomas Munoz
Waller County EMS-Fire
Brian Cantrell Vacant Vacant
AAA Texas Joshua Zuber Vacant Vacant