Additional Broadband Resources

The following resources were used in the development of the H-GAC Broadband Initiative planning and outreach tools.

Institute for Local Self Reliance Broadband 101 Fact Sheet

“Everything You Wanted To Know About Broadband (But Were Afraid To Ask)” from the Benton Institute for Broadband and Society

Rural Minnesota’s Center for Rural Policy and Development Broadband 101: a glossary of terms

Otelco’s Internet 101: Understanding the internet

The Consumer’s Guide to Internet Speed from

H-GAC wrote the Regional High Speed Internet Strategy in July 2020 which includes sections on broadband basics, policy tools, considerations for strategically approaching broadband planning, and case studies from around the H-GAC region.

CTC Technology & Energy’s Gigabit Communities: Technical Strategies for Facilitating Public or Private Broadband Construction in Your Community”

Article from Broadband Communities Magazine on Facilitating Broadband Construction, written by Joanne S. Hovis and Andrew Afflerbach of CTC Technology and Energy.

Guide to Federal Broadband Funding Opportunities in the US (March 2021) written by CTC for publication by The Internet Society

A Survey of Grants and Funding for Broadband Expansion, Cicsco’s blog notes programs that support R&D, infrastructure, devices and more from federal agencies as well as a cross section of state programs.

Penn State’s digital textbook in Information, People & Technology discusses The Digital Divide

The FCC recently laid out its multitude of initiatives aimed at Bridging the Digital Divide for All

Pew Research Center noted in May 2019 the Digital Gap between rural and nonrural America persists

The State of the Urban/Rural Digital Divide by National Telecommunications & Information Administration (2016)

The Bipartisan Policy Center discusses ways of Understanding the Urban Digital Divide which is a persistent equity challenge in many nonrural areas.

“Broadband in Texas: A Briefing Prepared for the Governor’s Broadband Development Council” (April 2020) by Connected Nation. This is a helpful overview of State Policy Landscape regarding Broadband through 2020.

“Rural Broad: A Texas Tour – 2018 Listening Tour and Focus Groups” (October 2018) by Connected Nation