Regional Broadband Initiative

About H-GAC's Regional Broadband Initiative

H-GAC has complied data and recommendations to support expanding access to high-speed internet and increasing adoption or use of internet service or devices in the 13-county Houston-Galveston region.

Information for Local & Tribal Governments
Interactive maps for gap analysis and recommendations to increase access to broadband infrastructure, support increased rates of user adoption, funding mechanisms and partnership opportunities.

Information for Internet Services Providers
Funding opportunities and potential partnerships to support network expansion or enhancement, particularly in rural in rural areas.

Information for Community Partners
Funding opportunities and helpful strategies to increase competitiveness for federal grant and subsidy programs awarded to community partners with specific need-based populations (rural telehealth, remote learning, and minority-serving institutions).

Additional Resources
A selection of reference materials, guides on mapping and dashboards within the site, policy & legislative updates regarding broadband and related infrastructure.

Research Contact

Are you a researcher looking for more information for a specific project?
If so, please contact:

Darryl Briscoe
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