Access Management Studies

What is Access Management?

Access management is a transportation strategy that reduces and consolidates entry and exit points between roadways and adjacent land uses. These access points, commonly in the form of driveways, medians, and interchanges, are designed to maximize safety at efficient road capacities and speeds.

Past Studies

H–GAC commissioned a study to determine the effectiveness and feasibility of recommendations made in previous access management studies—specifically, whether or not purported benefits from implemented improvements are actually realized. This assessment would help determine the usefulness of access management studies in the Region, and quantify the benefits of access management projects for policy makers and local governments.

H-GAC conducted an access management study on portions of US Highway 90A and other roadways in the Richmond–Rosenberg area. The study evaluated US Highway 90A, Farm-to-Market Road 1640, and a portion of Farm-to-Market Road 762 within the cities of Richmond and Rosenberg, Texas. The combined length of all roadways in the study area is approximately 12.4 miles.

H-GAC is conducting an access management and traffic mobility study for the southern portion of the SH 249 corridor from IH 45 to BW 8 in Harris County. This segment of SH 249 is approximately 7.2 miles in length. The purpose of the study is to identify short, medium, and long-range transportation improvements to improve safety, traffic flow and reduce motorist delay.

The access management study for Farm-to-Market Road 517 are from the intersection of Cemetery Road east to Gum Bayou in Dickinson, TX (approximately 6.7 miles); and for State Highway 3, from the intersection of Farm-to-Market Road 518 in League City, Texas, south to Hughes Road in Dickinson, Texas (approximately 5 miles). Approximately 2.7 miles of the State Highway 3 corridor are located in League City.

The purpose of this study is to examine current land development and traffic conditions, along both corridors and identify appropriate transportation improvements, land use policies, and development concepts to increase safety, improve mobility, and enhance aesthetics and economic development within the project area.

The access management study of Farm-to-Market Road 1092 will extend from US 59 (Southwest Freeway) south to the intersection of Dove Country Drive in unincorporated Fort Bend County (approximately 2.45 miles).

The study will identify a range of transportation and streetscape recommendations, based on current traffic and development conditions. These short, intermediate, and long–term recommendations are mention to improve mobility and traffic flow, increase safety, incorporate appropriate multi–modal solutions, and enhance the aesthetics of the corridor.

The corridor study area is defined as the southern section of FM 1092/Murphy Road from SH 6 South to Dove Country Road just north of the Missouri City city limit.

Murphy Road is a major north-south arterial, which provides connections between US Highway 90A to north and SH 6 to the south.

The purpose of this study is to identify transportation improvements that reduce crashes, improve traffic flow, reduce motorist delay, and to address multi-model/land use context. The study will collect sufficient information to measure and evaluate a range of viable short and long-term improvement concepts. This study will address cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness of various solutions. The study shall conclude with the identification of recommended improvements along with an implementation schedule.

FM 1764 is a 2.16 access management study from SH 146 to 14th Street in Texas City, TX. The corridor is plagued with high traffic volumes and numerous driveways. In addition, the heavily commercialization of this corridor has created major traffic congestion, environmental concerns, and safety issues for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

The study recommends low-cost, access-management solutions, and identifies short-, medium- and long-range projects that create a safer, more efficient, and environmentally responsible transportation system. Recommendations also will address optimization of transit operations, opportunities for pedestrian connectivity and more pleasing aesthetics and landscape treatments that can help stimulate economic vitality.

H-GAC conducted an access management study on SH 105 to develop a set of recommendations to improve safety, mobility, and quality of life along SH 105 between Loop 336 in Conroe to US 59 in Cleveland.