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Megan Siercks

Senior Project Manager


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City of Mont Belvieu

Ricardo Villagrand

City Engineer


[email protected]

P.O. Box 1048

Mont Belvieu



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Project Information

Perry Avenue Extension

Chambers County

Perry Avenue

From 1/2 mile east of Lakes of Champions to FM 565

Perry Avenue is classified as a Minor Arterial in accordance to the adopted Mont Belvieu 2035 Comprehensive Plan and acts as a key future east to west connection for the City of Mont Belvieu, BHISD users, and the surrounding neighborhoods and future subdivisions. Short Term Problems Over the next 3 years TxDOT will be impacting IH-10 and Eagle Drive / FM 3180 to reconstruct portions of IH-10 and convert the interchange from a rural cloverleaf to an urban diamond design. When this occurs, access into the City of Mont Belvieu will become extremely constricted, and a complete closure of the interchange will occur during 3 months. The possible locations to cross IH 10 will be limited to FM 146 and FM 565. This will result in circuitous travel patterns for the City of Mont Belvieu. A particular issue with the closure is the fact that the Barbers Hill Independent School District (BHISD), includes the neighborhoods south of IH-10, running south to Trinity Bay. The closure at IH-10 and Eagle Drive will create a major concern for BHISD students, parents, teachers, and bus drivers. For example, the neighborhood residents a ½ mile south of the I-10 and Eagle Drive interchange currently have a 1.7-mile drive that typically takes 5 minutes in the AM peak period. When the closure of Eagle drive occurs, to get to the elementary, middle, and high school, those same neighborhoods will be rerouted over a 13-mile route with a 18-24 min drive. The fastest detour route will run south on Eagle Drive to FM 565, curving north, and circuitously turning back onto Eagle Drive to access the school site. Also, all school buses that service the south portion of the school district south of the intersection of S FM 565 and FM 3180 Rd will have their routes increased by at least 12-16 minutes in the AM peak, and their mileage will increase by 8.6 miles. This will increase the school’s fuel consumption, mileage, and negatively affect school traffic related travel times. Without the ability to cross IH-10, access to groceries and amenities will also suffer. The centralized location of the HEB that is located on the northwest quadrant of the I-10 / Eagle Drive Interchange will experience the same detour route. Long Term Problems Currently, east to west mobility in the City of Mont Belvieu is limited in the project area. Currently Eagle Drive, the Major Arterial that provides direct access to the BHISD Schools and HEB, is operating under saturated conditions. To alleviate the concentration of traffic volumes on Eagle Drive, the Perry Avenue Extension would allow the concentrated traffic to disperse and ease the use of the Major Arterial. The proposed Perry Avenue Extension will provide additional mobility for the parents, students, teachers, and staff of the Barbers Hill Independent School District (BHISD), and the residents of the City of Mont Belvieu.

The proposed Perry Avenue Extension will begin at the existing cul-de-sac approximately 1/2 mile east of Lakes of Champions Blvd to FM 565. This project is for the first phase of the Perry Avenue Extension, and involves the construction of half the boulevard section for a two lane roadway with one lane in each direction. Proposed improvements include construction of a 25-foot wide reinforced concrete curb-and-gutter pavement section, and a proposed reinforced concrete multiuse path along the south right-of-way line, and installation of an underground drainage system. There are no proposed water or wastewater improvements included with this project. The design speed is 35 mph, and will require the acquisition of ROW. The length of the extension is approximately 1.27 miles.

In the long term, this extension will create a complete street, and will improve mobility for all transportation modes including biking, walking, and driving. With the completion of the multiuse path, the project will connect bikes and pedestrians from the core city center to the eastern city limits, providing non-motorized accessibility to public amenities for the families and residents of the City of Mont Belvieu. This extension, in conjunction with the Langston Boulevard extension, will also alleviate the concentration of traffic volumes on Eagle Drive, and provide a much needed east to west connection from FM 146 to FM 565, as an alternate east to west route for the City of Mont Belvieu. In the short term, over the next 3 years, access into the City of Mont Belvieu will become extremely constricted with the construction on IH-10 at Eagle Drive. The possible locations to cross IH-10 will be limited to FM 146 and FM 565. This will result in circuitous detour travel patterns for the City of Mont Belvieu during this time. To mitigate this, this extension will provide an alleviator route to access BHISD and other amenities such as the HEB.



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12. Project Information--Mayor Funding Commitment Letter.pdf

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7. Project Development-Readiness--Project Schedule.pdf


7. Project Development-Readiness--Project Schedule.pdf

It is critical that this project is implemented before the reconstruction of the IH 10 at Eagle Drive interchange, which is anticipated to begin in 2021. During this period, the interchange will be closed and east-west connectivity will be critical to provide drivers an alternative to reconnect with Eagle Drive, as approximately half of the student population resides south of IH 10. The school complex for this area is located north of IH 10 along Eagle Drive and the rerouting of traffic to existing facilities will add approximately 20 minutes each way for travelers heading south of IH 10.

6. Benefit Cost Analysis--TMC Counts.pdf


1. Map Location--Perry.pdf

Project Budget



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4. Benefit Cost Analysis--TMC and Screenline Figure.pdf

Other Investments--Multimodal LOS Report.pdf

The HGAC 2018 peak period volume projections were adjusted using existing turning movement counts (TMC) and a screenline analysis with Perry Avenue, IH 10, and FM 565. Volumes on Perry Avenue were determined based on the number of travel lanes between Perry Avenue (2 lanes), IH 10 frontage roads (4 lanes), and FM 565 (2 lanes). Due to the planned reconstruction of the interchange of IH 10 at Eagle Drive, it is expected that more traffic than predicted by HGAC will use Perry Avenue as an alternate to travel east-west. The difference between the existing TMC data and the H-GAC data was applied to 2018, 2025, and 2045 peak period projections. The adjusted 24-hour volumes were obtained by using the same ratio used by H-GAC to obtain the peak period volumes.

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Planning Factors - Improves Corridor Level of Travel Time Reliability (LOTTR)

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Planning Factors - Improves Multimodal LOS




• The extension of Perry Avenue is expected to improve the corridor’s LOS by providing an alternative for east-west traffic flow. The separated multi-use path will give bikes and pedestrians safe passage along the corridor and create fewer conflicts with traffic on Perry Avenue. • See attached FDOT Multimodal LOS Table attached as #5 of BCA section

Planning Factors - Planning Coordination


City of Mont Belvieu Comprehensive Plan


Planning Factors - Roadway Hierarchy/Freight System Priority/Evacuation Route

Minor Arterial