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Mariana Raschke

Associate at the Goodman Corporation


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City of Clute

CJ Snipes

City Manager


[email protected]

108 East Main Street




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Project Information

Brazoswood/Lazy Lane School Access Improvements

Brazoria County

Brazoswood Drive and Lazy Lane

• Brazoswood Drive: Dixie Drive to Angleton Drive (north side only) • Lazy Lane: Brazoswood Drive to SH288 frontage road (west side only) • Angleton Road: Brazoswood Drive to Verde Drive (west side only)

The proposed project would provide improved access for children to access the TW Ogg Elementary School and the Brazoswood High School. Along the corridor, there are narrow and unsafe sidewalks lacking ADA access, with missing or non-existent ramps. The new, 8-10’ concrete shared use path would provide a safer, wider facility for pedestrians and provide a facility for children to bike to school. Ability to use non-motorized forms of transportation has health and recreational benefits, as well as improving mobility for those families who do not have access to a vehicle to take their children to school. The block groups surrounding the project corridor contain 8.1% of households (2012-2016 ACS data) lacking a vehicle, which is higher than the regional average of 15.53%, as per the 2018 H-GAC Call for Projects guidance. Currently, there is no pedestrian lighting around the school property. This project would increase safety through installing lighting near the schools along the corridor. Furthermore, there are no amenities for transit riders along this corridor. This project would add bus shelters for transit users who use the Southern Brazoria County Transit routes that serve this corridor. In addition to the schools along the corridor, there are municipal facilities such as the Clute Municipal Park and the Municipal Pool which are located on the south side of Brazoswood Drive. The project would also upgrade the crossings and allow for safer pedestrian connections to these amenities.

The project would add a 8’-10’ concrete, shared use path in the following areas in Clute: • Brazoswood Drive: Dixie Drive to Angleton Drive (north side only) – 6070 linear feet • Lazy Lane: Brazoswood Drive to SH288 frontage road (west side only) – 5290 linear feet • Angleton Road: Brazoswood Drive to Verde Drive (west side only) – 650 linear feet This project would add a total of 12,000 linear feet of new path. Currently, narrow sidewalks exist along all corridors listed above. The project would widen the paths to 10 feet, accommodating both pedestrians and bicyclists. In certain areas, the path might need to drop down to 8’, depending on right of way availability. The project would also upgrade the ADA ramps along the corridor; currently several spaces are lacking ramps or they are in poor condition. The proposed project would add various amenities for safety: the project would add 54 pedestrian lights near the school properties to provide for a safe environment for children who are walking and biking. The project would also upgrade the crosswalks, adding in 2 pedestrian flashers at the crosswalks along Brazoswood Drive. The project is also scoped to add bike racks near the school properties to serve the children who bike to school. Along with the various other amenities, the project proposed to upgrade the 6 bus stops along the corridor through adding shelters.

The project would primarily improve non-motorized access to Brazoswood High School and TW Ogg Elementary School, through widening the existing pedestrian facilities to 8-10’, allowing for shared use capabilities. In certain areas of the corridor, the existing sidewalks are narrow, in poor condition, and lacking ADA accommodations. The project would upgrade the existing infrastructure and improve connectivity for both pedestrians and bicyclists. The project would improve access to the schools, residential properties along the area, nearby businesses, places of worship, and transit stops. There are 6 transit stops along the corridor, which are served by Connect Transit. Based on demographic criteria from the 2012-2016 American Community Survey (ACS), the area is considered an environmental justice area, with higher than regional averages of percent minorities, limited educational attainment, female head of households, and households without automobiles. Thus, this project would benefit EJ populations and improve mobility for those without a car. The project has a variety of quantifiable societal benefits including safety, health, recreational and economic benefits. Between 2015 and 2017, there were two pedestrian crashes along the corridor. Improved pathways and lighting would increase safety for non-motorized users along the corridor. The upgrading of crosswalks would provide safer facilities for students – the high school is on the north side of the roadway, and athletic and municipal facilities such as tennis courts and the municipal pool are on the south side of the roadway. The shared use path would allow for bicycling activities, which provides benefits for health and recreation. Research has shown that the installation of a multi-use path will encourage and increase bicycle usage in the community. The ability to safely bicycle to work or for leisure or work will lead to a health benefit and research has shown that annual per capita cost savings from physical activity is about $241. Over the 20-year planning horizon, the estimated health benefit of the proposed improvements is approximately $961,000. Bicycling has a recreational benefit: installation of a multi-use path will encourage and increase recreational bicycle usage in the community. Over 20 years, the estimated recreational benefit is approximately $4,150,000. Property values surrounding the corridor would also increase due to the new bicycling amenity.



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Active Transportation


Clute Resolution and Funding Commitment.pdf

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( C ) 2 - Acquisition, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, and improvement or limited expansion of stand-alone recreation, pedestrian, or bicycle facilities, such as: a multiuse pathway, lane, trail, or pedestrian bridge; and transit plaza amenities.









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Letter of Support-City of Clute & BISD.pdf

Clute School Access Project Timeline.pdf

The shared use path projects touch two Brazoswood ISD properties: the TW Ogg Elementary School and the Brazoswood High School campuses. Currently, the TW Ogg Elementary School is under construction, with construction slated to be complete for opening in Fall 2019. A meeting was held with the Brazoswood ISD on August 21, 2018 to discuss plans for the shared use path. The ISD is not able to accommodate a 10’ path along the corridor in their current plans but are supportive of the City of Clute extending the width of the sidewalk and would be able to grant an easement if it is necessary for the path to extend on the side of the ISD property. The Brazoswood ISD is also planning to redesign the Brazoswood High School campus, pending the passing of a bond in May 2019. If this bond passes, the ISD will be redesigning the school campus and potentially tearing out the existing sidewalks. The ISD is willing to work with the City as design plans progress to ensure a 10’ shared use path will be accommodated alongside the campus. Meeting minutes are attached. This project was discussed at the City of Clute’s Planning and Zoning meeting on June 5, 2018. The project was also discussed at the City Council meeting on June 28, 2018, where the Council voted on a resolution of support and funding commitment for the local match required for the project. Both meetings are open to members of the public. The project was originally considered with a truncated limit on Lazy Lane, from Brazoswood Drive to Plantation Road. However, in considering the patterns of school children who walk to the elementary and high schools along the project corridor, the limits were extended from Plantation Drive the frontage road of 288.

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Project Budget

Clute School Access Budget Worksheet.xlsx


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Clute Supporting files & Supplemental Bike.zip

This project is a shared use path for bicyclists and pedestrians. There are different users and trip lengths for bicyclists and pedestrians; thus 2 sets of sheets are submitted for each category

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Planning Factors - Planning Coordination


The project will be included in a Clute Mobility Strategy report, which is currently under development. Once the report is completed, it will be presented to City Council for adoption.

Coordination has occurred with the Brazoswood ISD regarding the project; as two schools are adjacent to the corridor and the project would impact their facilities. Meeting minutes from the August 2018 meeting between the City of Clute and the Brazoswood ISD are included in the pre-application “Readiness Documents” section.