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City of Pearland

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Director of Engineering & Capital Projects


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Max Road Expansion - Hughes Ranch Road to Future McHard Road

Brazoria County

Max Road

Hughes Ranch Road to Future McHard Road

The proposed project was developed to address local congestion and regional mobility issues in northern Brazoria County and in the City of Pearland by connecting the current TIP funded Max Road widening project from Hughes Ranch Road to the future TIP funded McHard Road to provide a continuous thoroughfare between two of the City’s major east – west corridor, FM518 and McHard Rd. The project is a segment on a regional corridor consisting of FM1128 to the south and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to the north that ultimately will connects SH6 to the University of Houston with major intersections at FM518, Beltway 8, and IH610. The project includes design and construction of approximately 4,500 feet of four-lane concrete curb and gutter roadway with a continuously raised median to improve both traffic flow and pedestrian safety. The Average Daily Traffic (ADT) on Max Road was determined using TxDOT saturation counts taken in April 2016. The ADT at this location is 3,445 vehicles per day, however this number is expected to increase once the proposed McHard Road project is completed in 2022. The City's 2035 Regional Travel Demand Model indicates that this roadway will carry approximately 16,000 to 22,000 trips per day once the roadway is connected to BW 8. The Max Road project will reduce future traffic congestion along Cullen Boulevard and FM518. Within the City of Pearland, there are a limited number of facilities that provide north-south connectivity from FM518 to Pearland’s alternative east-west corridors. Currently the FM518 corridor has excessive congestion at peak travel times. The City of Pearland has been improving east-west corridors such as Bailey Rd, Magnolia Parkway, and the future McHard Rd to alleviate this congestion. However, a lack of north-south options from FM518 to these alternative routes will reduce the effectiveness of these facilities to reduce congestion on FM518. The proposed 10 feet shared-use path will provide space within the corridor for non-vehicular modes of transportation, reducing vehicular and non-vehicular conflict points, and will expand the City of Pearland’s infrastructure for bicyclists and pedestrians. A proposed raised median will provide a divided cross-section for Max Road, which will reduce the number of conflict points along the corridor.

The proposed project consists of two sections. The first section involves the widening of existing Max Road from the currently funded HGAC project at Hughes Ranch Road to 0.2 miles north of Cliff Stone Road. The second section consist of the construction of a new 4 lane roadway from Clift stone to the intersection of future McHard Road (current HGAC funded project). Max Road will provide a continuous corridor from FM518 to McHard road consisting of a four-lane, divided urban section include storm sewers, outfalls and detention, sanitary sewer and water lines, and a shared use path. Future expansion of Max Road will further improve regional mobility by providing access to Beltway 8 eventually expanding the roadway to provide regional connection from Martin Luther King to FM1128 and all the way south to Highway 6. The proposed construction is consistent with the City of Pearland design standard for a Thoroughfare. The proposed right-of-way for full width construction of Max Road is 120 feet. A 10 foot wide shared use path is proposed 5-foot off the back-of-curb on the west side of Max Road. In addition to the physical improvements, the project includes several access improvements at existing roads. All property owners who currently have access to existing Max Road and are adjacent to proposed Max Road, will be provided driveway access up to the edge of the right-of-way. A traffic signal is currently in design for the intersection of proposed Max Road and future McHard Road. The project will provide full access with left turn lanes on Max Road to the following two adjacent roadways: Avalon Way and Cliff Stone Road. In order to maintain the flow of the boulevard, the eastern approach of Cliff Stone Road is proposed to be rerouted to align with the western approach at its intersection with Max Road. Additional benefits from the project include improved drainage and system resiliency by converting all of the road side ditches into storm sewers. The storm sewer will drain to a new detention pond sized to handle the roadway and the adjacent area.

The project is the continuation of the Max Road widening from FM 518 to Hughes Ranch Road and will ultimately provide an alternative north-south route to McHard from FM 518. This alternate route will assist in relieving congestion on Cullen Boulevard and FM518. The project addresses traffic congestion, mobility issues, and safety problems. Widening Max Road from two to four lanes and connecting it with the future McHard Road extension is anticipated to improve transportation mobility, reduce congestion, carry increased regional traffic, and enhance safety. Widening Max Road from a two-lane undivided road to a four-lane divided cross section will increase the roadway capacity from approximately 16,000 vehicles per day to 31,000 vehicles per day, based on generalized capacity thresholds provided in the 2010 HCM. Related to traffic safety, the raised median will reduce the number of conflict points at minor streets and driveways along the corridor and provide a barrier between the two directions of traffic flow. The raised median will likely reduce the number of head on and right angle crashes. The corridor includes a shared use path for non-vehicular mode users (pedestrians and bicyclists) by providing a dedicated space within the ROW cross-section.




Less than $100 million

(Expand) Roadway Added Capacity/New Construction/Complete Streets


Max Road Support Letters.pdf

Project Development/Readiness


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- Max RoadSchedule.pdf

The committed future projects near Max Road in the H-GAC 2040 Regional Transportation Plan include expanding FM518 from 4 lanes to 6 lanes from SH288 to SH35 the extension of four-lane, east-west Hughes Ranch Road from Max Road to Garden Road, 2) the extension of four-lane, divided, east-west McHard Road from Cullen Boulevard to Mykawa Road, and 3) current and future improvements along the proposed Max Road corridor upstream and downstream of the proposed project. The widening and extension of Max Road/Reid Blvd. from Broadway Street (FM 518) to Hughes Ranch Road has been designed, and construction is underway. The proposed project will be a continuation of this widening and will extend Max Road from Hughes Ranch Road to the future extension of McHard Road. As shown in the H-GAC 2040 Regional Transportation Plan, Max Road is planned to be extended beyond McHard Road to Beltway 8. This project is integral for north-south connectivity within Pearland as a major part of the planned Max Road alignment.

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Project Budget

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Planning Factors - Connectivity to Employment/Eliminates At-Grade Railroad Crossings


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The proposed project will include the construction of a 10’ shared use path that will connect the newly constructed bicycle and pedestrian facilities on the current TIP funded project of Max Rd to the future bike and pedestrian facilities to be constructed with the TIP funded McHard Road project. This section is a vital location that would connect communities to major shopping, retail, and business centers along the FM518 corridor. The addition of this section will reduce confinement of bicycle/pedestrian use within the City of Pearland and expand the range and reach for alternative transportation modes. The proposed facility is an off-street, grade separated facility that will reduce the overall bicycle and pedestrian level of traffic stress. This design greatly reduces the barriers for the majority of users, and will encourage use by a wider range of citizens.

Planning Factors - Planning Coordination


City of Pearland Thoroughfare Plan, Thoroughfare Map of Brazoria County, Texas, Harris County 2016 Major Thoroughfare and Freeway Plan

https://gis.pearlandtx.gov/web/MapsGIS/Thoroughfare%20Plan.pdf https://brazoriacountytx.gov/home/showdocument?id=1152 https://www.houstontx.gov/planning/transportation/MTFPMap/MTFP_Map16.pdf

Planning Factors - Roadway Hierarchy/Freight System Priority/Evacuation Route

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