Watershed Characteristics

Upper Oyster Creek is located in the Brazos River Basin, southwest of Houston, Texas, in northern Fort Bend County. It is identified as Segment 1245 in the Texas Surface Water Quality Standards (TCEQ, 2000). It has been subjected to significant hydrologic modification.

The segment called "Upper Oyster Creek" actually includes portions of several water bodies. It begins at the Gulf Coast Water Authority (GCWA) Shannon Pump Station on the Brazos River and continues through Jones Creek to its confluence with Oyster Creek, through the City of Sugar Land to its confluence with Flat Bank Creek, through Flat Bank Creek to its confluence with a diversion canal, through the diversion canal to its confluence with Steep Bank Creek, and finally through Steep Bank Creek to its confluence with the Brazos River.

Segment 1245 extends approximately 54 miles, and its watershed contains four incorporated areas: Fulshear, Sugar Land, Stafford, and Missouri City. The Upper Oyster Creek watershed covers approximately 110 square miles, about 12.5 percent of the area of Fort Bend County.

Additional TMDL Information

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