The Right Path: A Trail-oriented Development Primer

Trail-oriented development is a design and implementation approach that intentionally blurs the boundary between trails and nearby properties by creating and expanding adjacent amenities.

Communities across the country are investing in local trails and reaping the benefits of active transportation. Whether residents use them for biking to work or walking for recreation, new trails add to a community’s list of amenities and improve public health. Through strategies such as public art, outdoor furniture, and trail-themed events, trails can also prompt investment in trail-adjacent properties.

This primer offers tools, strategies, and case studies that can set local governments and trailside property owners on the right path for fostering local trail-oriented development. It will teach you how to identify candidate trails and parcels for new amenities and the site-specific strategies best-suited for each location. The primer can also be used to kick start conversations with local business owners, elected officials, economic development and tourism directors, planning and parks staff, and residents.

The Right Path: A Trail-Oriented Development Primer