May 23, 2024

Houston, TX – In a significant boost to local community resilience, the Texas General Land Office (GLO) Commissioner Dr. Dawn Buckingham announced on Tuesday, May 21, at the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) Board of Directors meeting the approval of more than $73 million in projects for 11 jurisdictions within the Houston-Galveston area. Funding for these and other Regional Mitigation Program projects was previously allocated through a multijurisdictional effort spearheaded by H-GAC.

The GLO grants aim to strengthen the local community's ability to withstand and recover from challenges in the Houston-Galveston areas, including but not limited to drainage, sewer systems, and groundwater storage. This initiative will help reduce flooding risks and protect critical utility service in our region.

H-GAC's Board of Directors expressed their gratitude for the state's support, highlighting the positive impact these projects will have on their communities. The meeting demonstrated broad support, with local officials, community members, and guests from federal, state, and local levels in attendance.

"These funds are a game-changer for us” said H-GAC's Executive Director Chuck Wemple. "Our communities' infrastructure will be better equipped to handle severe weather events and other future challenges."

This funding was distributed to four counties and seven cities within the Houston-Galveston area.

The funded projects are as follows:

Austin County

$6.75 million for street and drainage improvements

Chambers County

$14.92 million for drainage improvements

Colorado County

$5.28 million for communication and power improvements for water systems

Wharton County

$11.75 million for drainage improvements

City of Angleton

$1.79 million for lift station #8 sewer rehabilitation

City of Brookshire

$1.31 million for drainage improvements

City of Conroe

$7.58 million for sanitary sewer rehabilitation

City of El Campo

$1.55 million for drainage and storm sewer improvements

City of Friendswood

$4.64 million for groundwater storage tank and neighborhood improvements

League City

$15.56 million for drainage study, flood preparedness, and drainage improvements

City of Santa Fe

$2.74 million for street improvements

As Texas continues to grow and faces the challenges of severe weather and aging infrastructure, these investments are seen as crucial steps toward building more resilient and sustainable communities.

To learn more about these projects and their impact on our community, visit the Texas GLO’s website for the Regional Mitigation Program.

Texas GLO Funded Projects
At the Tuesday, May 21, H-GAC Board Meeting, eleven cities and counties received more than $73 million in infrastructure improvement funds awarded by the Texas General Land Office Commissioner Dr. Dawn Buckingham.