Geographic Data Work group Advisory Groups and Leadership

The Geographic Data Workgroup (GDW) sponsors a few smaller advisory groups that meet when necessary to discuss the details of projects that pertain to that group. These advisory groups are listed below along with the chair and/or chairs for each group. You can request to join a GDW sponsored advisory group by logging into the GDW membership portal.

Geographic Data Workgroup

Bi-Monthly GDW Meeting Chairs
February 1st, 2023: Larry Nierth, City of Houston
April 5th, 2023: Grant Garrison, Port of Houston Authority
June 7th, 2023:
August 2nd, 2023:
October 4th, 2023:
December 6th, 2023:

Point of Contact:
Molly Eskelson, H-GAC

Aerial Imagery Technical Advisory Group Chair

Larry Nierth
City of Houston

Houston Area GIS Day Advisory Group Chair

Nicole Ceranek
Montgomery County