The Geographic Data Workgroup (GDW) sponsors a few smaller advisory groups that meet when necessary to discuss the details of projects that pertain to that group. These advisory groups are listed below along with the chair and/or chairs for each group. You can request to join a GDW sponsored advisory group by logging into the GDW membership portal.

Geographic Data Workgroup Bi-Monthly Meeting Chairs

Meeting Meeting Chair
February 1, 2023 Larry Nierth, City of Houston
April 5, 2023 David Dignum, HCAD
June 7, 2023 Grant Garrison, Port Houston
August 2, 2023 Jochen Floesser, HGAC
October 4, 2023 Bruce Davidson, HCFCD
December 6, 2023 TBD

Aerial Imagery Technical Advisory Group Chair

Larry Nierth
City of Houston

Houston Area GIS Day Advisory Group Chair

Nicole Ceranek
Montgomery County