Elder Justice Program Trainings

The H-GAC Center on Abuse in Later Life helps build a coordinated community response to the rising tide of elder abuse. The H-GAC Center on Abuse in Later Life invites to the region prominent legal, medical and policing experts who are thought leaders and innovators in how to address elder abuse.

All trainings are offered free-of-charge. Attendance is limited to limited to professionals in the criminal-justice, medical and non-profit fields whose work calls for them to identify, diagnose/treat, investigate or prosecute crimes of elder abuse.

Partner Referral Form

If you are a professional with a client that you believe would benefit from the Elder Justice Program's legal advocacy and legal representation services, please complete and submit our Partner Referral Form.

Seniors who’ve been victims of crime and their protective family members should contact the Elder Justice Program directly at 346-500-4620 or [email protected]. No referral is required.

Consultations and Technical Assistance

Staff attorneys from the Elder Justice Program are available for consultation with investigators, prosecutors, caseworkers and other criminal-justice professionals who are charged with handling elder abuse cases. The Elder Justice Program can provide trained legal professionals to assist in case development, serve as victim liaisons, help pursue civil legal solutions (e.g. protective orders) simultaneous with prosecution, and to recommend expert witnesses. Technical assistance in elder-abuse cases is offered to agencies throughout the thirteen-county Houston-Galveston region.

Request for technical assistance should be sent to:

[email protected]