Criminal Justice Grants

Criminal Justice Grant Cycle

As of FY 2014

  1. The Governor's Office (CJD) publishes an RFA (Request for Applications) on its eGrants website and in the Texas Register, usually in December.

  2. Applications accessed via the eGrants website.

  3. H-GAC conducts mandatory workshops for all applicants interested in funds from one or more of the Request for Applications (RFA's).

  4. Applicant completes application on-line and submits directly to CJD via the eGrants website.

  5. CJD determines which applications qualify for funding, and sends those to H-GAC.

  6. H-GAC uses a local committee, called the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee (CJAC), to review and score the applications. This provides CJD with a local voice in prioritizing which applications merit funding and which do not.

  7. Once approved by H-GAC's Board of Directors, the priority list developed by the CJAC is sent to the Governor's Office, where final decisions are made on which projects get gets funded.