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Mariana Raschke

Associate at the Goodman Corporation


[email protected]

Primary Agency Information

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Westchase Management District

Irma Sanchez

Vice President of Projects


[email protected]

10370 Richmond Avenue, #1350




Additional Agency Information

City of Houston

Sharon Moses-Burnside

Division Manager, Transportation Planning


[email protected]

611 Walker Street




Project Information

Elmside Sidepath

Harris County

Elmside/Woodchase Drive

from Westheimer to the Westpark Trail (~6,650 linear FT)

Westchase has constructed a significant shared-use path network of primarily north/south connections on the west side of Beltway 8. These include the Houston Community College (HCC) Campus Trail (funded via the 2015 Transportation Improvement Program Call), the Library Loop Trail and Bray’s Bayou Connector Trail (funded via the Transportation Enhancement Program), and the Wilcrest Connector (locally-funded). However, the east side of Beltway 8 is underserved by shared-use path improvements, with the Westpark Trail (east/west) being the lone, locally-funded improvement. There are currently no north/south shared-use path networks east of Beltway 8. The Elmside Sidepath project will create a high-comfort shared-use corridor providing north/south access from Westheimer to the Westpark Trail. This facility will provide an alternative to high-traffic, low-comfort streets such as South Gessner Road, Briarpark Drive, and the Beltway 8 frontage road. There are currently no existing high-comfort bikeways within a ½ mile of the project corridor, which is Elmside Drive and Woodchase Drive from Westheimer Road to the Westpark Trail (approximately 6,650 linear feet). Tanglewilde currently provides a signed, shared-road bikeway and Briarpark Drive provides an outdated, two-foot wide striped bikeway (which forces users to traverse obstacles such as drain inlets). Both alternatives are considered low-comfort by American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and City of Houston standards. In relation to the block groups that this project touches and the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) regional average, the area has more than double the population density, has a greater share of minority population, has a greater percentage of households below the poverty line, and has nearly double the regional average of households that do not own a vehicle.

The project will reconstruct the back of curb area without significantly disturbing the roadway or stormwater/water/sanitary lines. See the project cost estimate (90% level) for details. This project will primarily upgrade and replace existing three-foot sidewalk with an eight-foot wide shared-use path. • Starting at Westheimer, the project will provide an eight-foot shared-use path. All improvements are on one side of the street, the east side in this section. Continues south to Richmond. • Install a fully-signalized traffic signal at Richmond and Elmside (traffic signal warrant analysis included within submission documentation). • Continue west on Richmond to Woodchase Drive and head south on east side of Woodchase Drive. • The eight-foot path continues on the south side of Richmond and include bus shelter. • Eight-foot path continues on Woodchase Drive, extending to Westpark trail. • Traffic signal upgraded (span wire to mast arm) and relocated in order to avoid conflict with ADA ramps and to ensure Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR) approval.

The project: • Provides for consistency within with the City of Houston Bike Plan, Westchase Bike Plan, and 2016 Westchase District Mobility Plan. • Improves safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other alternative mode users by providing safe, efficient, and high-comfort access to the Westpark Trail, the Gessner Park and Ride, Sneed Elementary School, the Tenney School, and the Primrose School. Safety metrics are identified within the benefits attachment. • This project serves high-density, low-income residential land uses meeting several common mobility access factors (outlined in the Project Need section above). • Provides connectivity to over 11,600 people and over 9,600 jobs. • Provides a safe crossing option at Richmond Avenue and Westpark Drive. • Ties into pedestrian improvements along Westheimer Road which will be under construction in September 2019. • Connects with fixed route bus stops on Westheimer, Richmond, and Westpark. The Westheimer and Richmond stops experience between 50 to 100 boardings per day. The project provides direct access to the Gessner Park and Ride via Westpark Trail. • Expands multimodal network capacity by creating a new alternative mode thoroughfare linking to major transit connections, major thoroughfares, and activity centers such as Kroger and the Residence Inn by Marriott. • Is estimated to provide a one time $15.8 million taxable value benefit due to property value increases over a 20-year period due to increased walkability and bikeability within the project area. • Will facilitate the creation of new pedestrian and bicycle trips. The project is anticipated to create 322 new daily pedestrian users in 2021 and 383 new bicycle users in 2021. • Resolves Americans with Disability Act (ADA) conflicts, such as the relocation of two signal poles on the north side of the Woodchase/Westpark intersection. • Provides a new, signalized, safe crossing at Richmond, removing a barrier to pedestrians and bicycle users. • Will leverage and extend previous regional investments through connection to the Westheimer project.



Less than $100 million

Active Transportation


16_Resolution of Support and Local Funding Commitment Letter.pdf

Project Development/Readiness

90% PS&E

Categorical Exclusion (CE)


(C)2 - Acquisition, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, and improvement or limited expansion of stand-alone recreation, pedestrian, or bicycle facilities, such as: a multiuse pathway, lane, trail, or pedestrian bridge; and transit plaza amenities.
















17_TIP-LOS-Westchase Management District-Elm Side Path.pdf

12_Elmside Schedule.xlsx

This project is 90 percent designed and can be implemented quickly if fully funded via this grant opportunity. The project is included in 2016 Westchase Mobility Plan, Westchase District Ped/Bike Plan, and City of Houston Bike Plan. Transfer of the funding (if funded) to FTA would not require a re-design to Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) formats/standards and the project could proceed with standard City of Houston/AASHTO/Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR) approvals. The project could be implemented in late 2019/early 2020 depending on the length of TIP selection process, length of TIP/Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) approval, and length of time to transfer funds and execute a grant with the FTA. Note that the HCC Trail / CenterPoint Trail project, funded by H-GAC in the 2015 Call for Projects, was transferred to FTA and completed in CY2018 by the Westchase District. This project is extremely shovel ready and could be let by Q 2020. A schedule has been provided with this application. The only thing which would delay implementation of this project is the speed in which H-GAC and TxDOT can facilitate the TIP/STIP and transfer actions. Outreach efforts were completed as a component of the 2016 Westchase Mobility plan, in which this project is outlined. This process included: a steering committee which met three times; attendance at community events; several community-driven (residents, employers, developers) focus group meetings; a project website; three Westchase Wire articles; a public meeting on October 17, 2016; a review process with partner agencies; and posting the final report on the website. Utility coordination process with CenterPoint Energy has begun. No below ground conflicts exist; therefore no utility agreement are necessary. Project has been following standard City of Houston Utility Coordination process, which involves outreach and input from providers at 30%, 60%, 90% submittals.

WESTCH-Elmside TIP Readiness Materials.zip


WESTCH Elmside.zip

Project Budget

13_Elmside Budget Worksheet.xlsx


Benefit/Cost Analysis




Elmside Supporting files.zip

Elmside Bike Benefit 12012017_supplemental econ.xlsx

This project is a shared use path for bicyclists and pedestrians. There are different users and trip lengths for bicyclists and pedestrians; thus 2 sets of sheets are submitted for each category.

Planning Factors - Barrier Elimination (Active Transportation)



Planning Factors - Emissions Reductions

1.32 tons/year

0.3 tons/year

Planning Factors - Environmental Justice



Planning Factors - Expands or Improves Bicycle & Pedestrian Connectivity to Employment/Schools/Medical Facilities/Transit Stops/Other Points of Interest


901 - 1000





Planning Factors - Planning Coordination


The project is identified in the 2016 Westchase Mobility Plan, 2016 Westchase District Ped/Bike Plan, and 2017 City of Houston Bike Plan. Project submittals (90 percent) have begun with the City of Houston.

2016 Westchase Mobility Plan: https://www.westchasedistrict.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Westchase-Mobility-Report-Final-Report-Compressed.pdf 2016 Westchase District Ped/Bike Plan: https://e84ci13ay1w3s81q61ciglgt-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/2016-12-01WestchasePed-BikeFinalReport.pdf 2017 City of Houston Bike Plan: http://houstonbikeplan.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/HoustonBikePlan_Full.pdf Additional Coordination includes 90% plan set submitted to COH: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/afy105hx76cwzqk/AABUXg3lJYSdi1mB3yu21d-za?dl=0